Scuba World ADVENTURE Dive Trips

Ready to do your checkout dives?  Need to get wet?  Want to get away?  Join the Scuba World Crew on one of our dive trips.  We do local diving at the quarries in Pennsylvania and boat diving off of the coast of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  We also lead adventure dive trips around the world!  We travel to the Florida Keys at least 3 times a year.  Where ever we go, we always find the ADVENTURE!  We’d love for you to join us as often as you can!  Come blow bubbles with Scuba World!

 Interested in a real Scuba World adventure?  Join us to explore the Red Sea in June of 2023 or Socorro in February of 2024.  Please make your deposit at Scuba World to join the waitlist. Scroll down for more information.

Florida Keys Quarry Weekend Exciting Exotic Adventure
 November 6-12, 2022 August 27-28, Lake Allure Local Diving May – October
 March 19-25, 2023  September 24, Lake Allure  Aquacat, February 11-18, 2023

Full, accepting wait list

 August 6-12, 2023 Call (302) 697-2882 or email to sign up for Lake Allure checkouts Red Sea, Egypt June 26-July 3, 2023

Full, accepting wait list

 Socorro, Rocio Del Mar February 5-14, 2024

Full, accepting wait list

Scuba World Dives the Florida Keys — Spearfishing and Lobstering permited

How much does it cost? Diver – $1190 | Non-Diver – $595

What’s Included?

Seven days and six nights at Ocean Pointe Resort in Tavernier, Florida. Surround yourself with sixty acres of tropical elegance in the fabulous Florida Keys. Four persons per condo based on quadurple occupancy. Accommodations include:

  • Two private bedrooms (king/2 twin)

  • 2 private baths

  • Heated pool

  • Central air conditioning

  • Balcony

  • Private beach

  • Full Kitchen

  • Washer & dryer

  • Tennis courts

  • Dining/living room

  • One maid service

  • Canoe/kayak rentals

Five boat trips (2 tanks per trip) Monday through Friday with Florida Keys Dive Center or Islamorada Dive Center (IDC).  While we know it’s all about the dive, Scuba World-IDC-Flakeys diving is a comprehensive experience. Your adventure begins the minute you walk through the doors. The friendly and experienced staff handles all the details of our trips, from making sure you have all the gear that’s right for you to setting it up on the boat to spraying it down for you at the end of the day. Everything will be taken care of when you’re on a Scuba World-IDC dive. Air fills, Captain’s and Mate’s tips and Florida State Tax are all included in the package price.  Certification dives for students can be arranged.

Are you and your buddy uncomfortable with navigating yourselves back to the boat?  When you dive with Scuba World, you can follow one of our instructors who will help you navigate!  Equipment malfunctions on the boat are no fun, but with Scuba World’s experienced staff and multitude of tools and parts aboard the ship, we can fix most problems and keep you diving.  We come extra prepared for all those common small problems.  You will learn a lot from our staff just from being around us and diving with us. Plus, it is always more fun to dive with the Scuba World gang!

This trip includes everything except:

  • Transportation to and from Florida

  • Scuba Gear (BC, Regulator, and 2 aluminum tanks) – can be rented at Scuba World for $120 for the week

  • Transportation for scuba gear to and from Florida

  • Meals – (approximately $150 – $200 per person)


  • Extra Dives: $95 for a two tank dive

  • Night Dive: $95 for a one tank dive

  • Bubble Watcher: $55 per boat trip

  • Snorkel: $55 per boat trip

  • Advanced Open Water Certification Course: $250

  • Specialty Certification Courses: $175

June 26 – July 3, 2023

2023  Rates

7-day/6-night trip                       $1,880  per person  — based on double occupancy

Upgrade to King Bed Cabin         $100 per person – based on double occupancy

Upgrade to 4-day Land Tour        Price TBA

   Fees: $300

Air travel not included.  Hotels not included if needed.  Tip for crew not included.  Nitrox and Rental not included.  Transfers not included.  Alcohol not included.

Boarding is at 5:00 p.m. on June 26th, and disembarking by 10:00 a.m. on July 3rd.

What is a small ship cruise like?  Dive liveaboard cruising is an appealing alternative to conventional land based dive vacations and larger cruise ships. It offers a richer travel experience – one that goes beyond the typical tourist sites. Aboard Scuba Scene you’ll get to experience a week of luxury, delicious meals and great diving. With its size, diversity and expanse, this is the absolute best way to dive Red Sea! The Scuba Scene liveaboard features four decks and is 141 feet (43m) long and 30 feet (9m) wide. Scuba Scene can accommodate up to 26 guests.   Up to 15 crew members ensure guests are well taken care of during your stay. A maximum of 26 guests are accommodated in 9 twin cabins and 4 king-bed suites with up to 15 professional crew to ensure service and comfort.

What are the meals like? On AllStar Scuba Scene, three (3) meals are served daily in our restaurant. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style. Dinner offers a buffet-style salad, with a plated appetizer, dinner and dessert. Snacks are also offered.  The menu features world cuisine including local Egyptian dishes.  Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free are pretty easy to work with as well as allergies so let us know upon booking if you require special meals. Please remember that you are participating in an adventure travel vacation that is occurring in a remote part of the world. Many of the modern conveniences, brands and pre-packaged goods we use at home are not available in remote destinations. As such, many special requests that are very specific may be difficult to accommodate. Finally, if you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other special life event, please let us know. Our crew stands ready to assist you in making your special day something to remember.

Are drinks included? A selection of complimentary beverages includes water, soft drinks, tea and coffee. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on board.

Can I scuba dive?  If you are a certified diver, yes you can. Be sure to bring your certification card (c-card) with you; we’ll need to see it prior to your diving. In the Northern Region, a diver’s skill level can range from beginner to experienced Advanced Open Water Certification (or equivalent). Nitrox and Wreck specialty certifications (or equivalent) aren’t mandatory but useful and can be earned during the trip. The suggested minimum number of dives logged dives prior to arrival is 30. In the Southern Region, dive sites require an experienced diver skill level with an Advanced Open Water Certification (or equivalent). While a Deep Dive specialty (or equivalent) is not mandatory, it is useful to reach depths over 130 feet (40m). The suggested logged dives before arriving is a minimum of 30 with 100 or more preferred.

Can I come on the trip without a buddy?  By all means, yes. There will always be a diving buddy for you. Many of our passengers come aboard as singles and it’s a great way to meet other likeminded adventure travelers who love to dive!

What is the diving like? Dive with the sharks or simply observe. The Red Sea is home to the following species:  hammerheads, silkys, silvertips, grey reef, oceanic whitetips, threshers and whale sharks.  Shark weeks occurs May to June and during the fall. Both times focus on swimming with and viewing sharks. The late spring/early summer trips provide experiences with hammerhead and grey reef sharks.

Dr. Elke Bojanowski participates in Shark Week and hosts four informative presentations: 1) shark behavior, 2) how to dive with them, 3) shark conservation efforts in the Red Sea and 4) a report on the outcomes of her shark research.

Shark sightings cannot be guaranteed. However, the dive locations selected have had sharks frequent the waters.

Elphinestone Reef

Resting only a few miles from the coast of Marsa Alam, Elphinstone Reef is likely the most famous dive site in Egypt – and it’s no wonder why. From October to December, oceanic whitetip shark sightings are extremely common. Here, the corals are as pristine and colorful as any diver could imagine.

Steep walls drop off the east and west edges of the reef, which tower up to just a few feet below the surface. On the north end, two pillars mark the end of the plateau. At the southern tip, the sarcophagus archway is a beautiful piece of scenery sitting in deep water beyond recreational limits. Fortunately, shallower water along the reef walls are plentiful and waiting to be explored.

Due to Elphinstone’s exposed location, currents can be quite strong but this means it’s a popular place for pelagics. Along the wall, schooling barracudas, jacks and trevallies hunt for smaller fish. Whale sharks even make their way through the area occasionally. From May to August, manta rays frequent the reef. And from time to time, dolphins, napoleon wrasse and tiger and hammerhead sharks are seen by lucky divers. The beauty of Elphinstone’s soft corals can’t be overstated; they truly are an underwater marvel.

  • Sharks – especially oceanic whitetips and hammerheads
  • Pelagics – occasional whale sharks and manta rays
  • Vibrant soft corals

Brothers Islands

The Brothers Islands are an exciting destination for divers visiting Egypt. More than 40 miles from shore, they’re quite difficult to access unless diving from a liveaboard. These two islands are well-known for their magnificent hard and soft corals and shark sightings. The exposed location results in some strong currents and surface conditions.
Diving the walls at Little Brother is a real treat. Since the island is uninhabited, its corals are extremely pristine as evidenced by the vibrant colors. Schooling fish flourish along the full length of the wall, while sharks make frequent visits as they ascend from deep water. Grey reef sharks are most common at this island, but oceanic whitetips are visible from October to November.

A working lighthouse, manned by four to five Egyptian soldiers (and not open to visitors), sits atop Big Brother; from a liveaboard, it’s an impressive sight. The diving is quite different compared to Little Brother because of the shipwrecks, sharks and a sizable fish population.

The Numidia wreck,  a colossal British cargo ship that sunk in 1901, rests steeply on the wall. Recreational divers can explore the bow section of the boat. However, the stern is submerged into the depths and only accessible to tec divers. Since 1957, the wreck of Aida II has sat about 100 feet down on the wall and features many photo-worthy opportunities.

Thresher sharks are periodically spotted at Big Brother, making it one of the rare places divers can encounter the elusive animals. Grey reef sharks are also common, along with oceanic whitetips and the sometimes whale sharks.

  • Sharks – especially threshers and oceanic whitetips
  • Wrecks for recreational and advanced divers
  • A fully functional lighthouse

Daedalus Reef

Much like the Brothers Islands, Daedalus also sits in open water a good distance from the shore and has a manned lighthouse. However, the reef is much larger and because of its sheer size leaves divers with many options, depending on skill level and challenge desired. With year-round viewings of hammerheads, Daedalus is a unique locale. While schooling hammerheads often appear from May to August, divers may also encounter oceanic whitetips, grey reef and thresher sharks. Tunas, trevallies and manta rays are seen here, too. Whale sharks and pelagics are the main attraction for this area, Daedalus hosts an astounding array of visual experiences, too. Steep walls, covered with hard and soft corals, are stunningly beautiful and healthy. Many of the hard coral formations are massive creating dramatic scenes perfect for taking underwater photos or videos. Since the reef is situated in a marine park, it showcases some of the Red Sea’s healthiest corals. The vibrant colors, various textures and fascinating structures are world-class.

  • Hammerheads – local year-round and schooling seasonally
  • Pristine reef with immense hard coral formations
  • A fully functioning lighthouse

Are the dives guided?  There are two dive guides onboard. The instructors/divemasters on board give a good in-depth briefing before each dive, describing the topography, conditions, the current (if any), depth and include a visual aid. If you would like a guided dive, please advise the instructor that you would like to follow him/her prior to the dive.

Can I see sharks while diving on the Scuba Scene? Depending on the itinerary, divers can see hammerheads, silkys, silvertips, grey reef, oceanic whitetips, threshers and whale sharks. As with nature, sightings cannot be guaranteed.

How is the snorkeling? All Star Scuba Scene’s itineraries are dive focused. Select itineraries may allow for snorkeling a couple times throughout the week.

How many dives per day? Divers will have the opportunity to log up to 4 dives each dive day.  Three dives are offered daily plus night dives when possible.  Night dives are not offered from certain marine parks, primarily the offshore areas such as Brothers or Daedalus.

Is Nitrox available?  Yes.  Nitrox is available on board for $200 per week per diver.  Nitrox is 32%. Get Nitrox certified on board!  Contact Scuba World for more information.

Will I get seasick?  Motion sickness medication should be brought along in the event that we encounter rough seas. We want you to be comfortable. The boat will spend the night in calm anchorages and normally scuba diving will be done from tenders. The best thing about a liveaboard diving vacation is that we can flex our schedule to go where the weather and conditions are best!

Can I take advanced certification or specialty courses on board?  Our instructors are available for further training in SCUBA.  Prior arrangements recommended.  Instructional materials not included. Medical release required.  Please contact Scuba World for more information.

What dive gear do I need to bring? Certified scuba divers need snorkel, fins, mask, and regulator with pressure gauge, buoyancy compensator, u/w watch, and dive computer.  A Surface Marker Buoy and reel are also required.  For night dives, a dive light and cyalume stick (or substitute) is required.  We provide 80CF tanks, weights and weight belts.   A wetsuit is recommended.  You can upgrade to a 100CF tank for an additional $100 per week.  Drones are strictly prohibited in Egypt. If found, the drone will likely be confiscated.

Can I rent dive gear? Yes, with prior arrangements, you can rent dive gear. Please request these items on your trip application. Payment is made while on board. All rentals must be arranged prior to departure.

What are the $300 fees?  This covers Port Taxes and Land and Sea Park fees.

Average Temperatures Water Temp 78-81F, Air Temp 75 at night  to 90F during the day, Full Wetsuit 3mm, Full 5mm or Shorty. Wetsuit needs vary from individual to individual.  These are approximates.

What should I bring? The atmosphere on board the Scuba Scene is always relaxed and casual.  You’ll spend your days in bathing suits and casual wear.  Bring shorts or jeans, T-shirts and a windbreaker.  Also bring a pair of sandals, hat, suntan lotion (reef safe) and sunglasses. The ship’s boutique offers everything you need for your cruise (swimsuits, t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, hats and toiletries).

Do you have a DVD and VCR on board? Yes, we have both VCR and DVD players with U.S. and European formats.  We have a collection of movies on board.  Feel free to bring your favorites.

Is electricity available?  Electricity on All Star Scuba Scene is 220v with all international sockets. All of the outlets onboard are universal outlets. Items can be recharged in your cabin or in the common areas. Devices should not be left unattended while charging in your cabin. Furthermore, each cabin and suite are equipped with USB and USB-C sockets as well, for charging. We recommend that guests that wish to photo edit on board bring their own computer as software differs for each camera.

Deposits/Payments A $250.00 per person deposit is due when the reservation is made with Scuba World.  The balance of the trip must be paid by November 1, 2023.

Cancellation Policy*  There are no refunds.  Only after departure and if the trip departs full, we will refund payments minus any non-refundable fees.

Insurance TRAVEL INSURANCE:  We urge you to consider purchasing travel & dive insurance for your trip.  In order to maintain our reasonable cost & high level of service, we do not automatically insure your trip against the adverse affects of weather, covid or other factors beyond our control.  Your holiday represents a very large investment, and unforeseen circumstances such as injury or sickness, airline issues, and family emergencies can easily affect your ability to travel.  It is recommended that all passengers purchase travel protection to help protect you and your trip investment. It is also recommended that all divers have diving accident insurance. Covid insurance is also recommended.

Method of Payment: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, cash, personal check, money order and Venmo are all accepted at Scuba World.

Onboard payments can be made on board, payable in cash (USD$ dollar, GBP£ pound sterling , EUR€ Euro, or EGP£ Egyptian pound) or by credit/debit card, if the amount is greater than $25 USD. Credit cards will have a 3 percent surcharge added; debit cards have no surcharge. American Express is not accepted.

What travel documents are needed? All travelers to Egypt need a visa and a passport valid through January of 2024.  Immigration and Customs clearance is at the airport since you must fly into Egypt to board.  Be sure your plane ticket matches your documentation. A visa can be purchased at the airport for $25 USD. Non-U.S. citizens should check with the appropriate consulate regarding passports and visas.  If covid testing is necessary, Scuba World will inform you as we get closer to departure.

How do I get to the docks? Local ground transfers will be provided from/to airport/hotel and vessel.

What time can we board?  For flight planning, boarding is at 5 pm on June 26.  We offer a welcome briefing, dinner and an important safety briefing immediately afterwards.  It is important that you are there for this informative meeting!  Please plan your flights accordingly.  If you are arriving earlier, you may drop bags off at the boat prior to 5:00 PM. If a guest arrives later than 5:00pm there is a very good chance the boat will have already departed. We highly recommend arriving a day early and purchasing trip insurance in the event there are issues with your travel plans or you have to cancel.  In the event you have delays in your travels, or missed the boat, please contact us as soon as possible to find out if there are any ways to connect with the vessel. The U.S. Reservations Office can take your calls Monday thru Friday 9:00am-5:00pm EST at (U.S. and Canada) 800.327.9600 or (Worldwide) 954.734.7111.

What is the recommended gratuity?  The liveaboard business is a service industry, and although the general public is seldom aware of it, gratuities are a major part of a crew member’s salary. Few other recreational activities rely so heavily upon the professionals in charge for your enjoyment and safety. A gratuity of 15% is customary, but many leave more when they feel the service was outstanding. If you are disappointed with the service, you should inform the cruise director of your feelings right away so he may rectify the situation.  Payments can be made on board, payable in cash (USD$ dollar, GBP£ pound sterling, EUR€ Euro, or EGP£ Egyptian pound) or by credit/debit card, if the amount is greater than $25 USD. Credit cards will have a 3 percent surcharge added; debit cards have no surcharge. American Express is not accepted.  If you are disappointed with the service, you should inform the Captain of your feelings right away so he may rectify the situation.

What if I need to be contacted in an emergency? The boat is equipped with a satellite phone that is only to be used for emergencies. If someone needs to get in contact with you because of a true emergency, contact our U.S. Reservations Office and we will relay the message. The U.S. Reservations Office can take your calls Monday thru Friday 9:00am-5:00pm EST at (U.S. and Canada) 800.327.9600 or Worldwide 954.734.7111.

Do you have luggage storage?  We provide a storage area for your dive gear on the dive deck and your luggage can be stored in your cabin or suite.

Scuba Scene, offers luxury accommodations, a spacious main salon and an extremely smooth ride. Her ability to cruise at a speed of 14-knots will get you to different sites quickly while her 31-ft beam will ensure a smooth ride. Each cabin has:

  • Private bathroom with shower and hair dryer
  • Oversized beds in twin or king
  • Scuba Scene features 9 twin bed cabin* (#1-8 and 14) and 4 king-bed suite each feature a private bathroom with stone-tiled showers, mini-refrigerator and adjustable temperature controlled air conditioning. The twin beds cannot be combined.
  • Individually controlled air-conditioners
  • Yes, we have two large TVs screen (DVD, Video/TV and sound system) in the salon on the upper deck.


2-Day Tour of Cairo and Pyramids (Add-On – please stay tuned for pricing)

Day 1: Civilization Museum & Sultan Hassan Mosque • Civilization Museum—Showcases Egyptian history through the ages. With 22 mummies on display and artifacts dating back to 5,000 B.C. • Visit the Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hassan, built in 1363 and Al-Rifa’I Mosque • Nile Maxim Dinner Cruise with Live Music, folkloric Tanoura Dancer and Belly Dancing

Day 2: Pyramids of Egypt • Pyramids of Giza including the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Sound and Light Show at Pyramids • Pyramids of Sakarra and surrounding tombs and burial temples • Memphis—the capital of Ancient Egypt, home to many artifacts including a nearly 30ft. statue of Ramses the Great.

Inclusions: Transportation in A/C vehicle, English Speaking Guide, Excursion Entry Fees and Taxes, Lunch at Local Restaurant, 24/7 Helpline when in Egypt

Exclusions: Hotel Accommodations*, airfare from Cairo to Hurghada, any extra meals or beverages not listed in itinerary, camera ticket, camel ride, ticket to enter the pyramids and gratuity (10% recommended) *Scuba World will Make Hotel Arrangements. Tour pricing does not include hotel accommodations or meals. Tours are scheduled to start with pickup from the hotel after breakfast, typically by 9:00am.

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