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Ready to do your checkout dives?  Need to get wet?  Want to get away?  Join the Scuba World Crew on one of our dive trips.  We do local diving at the quarries in Pennsylvania and boat diving off of the coast of Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey.  We also lead adventure dive trips around the world!  We travel to the Florida Keys at least 3 times a year.  Where ever we go, we always find the ADVENTURE!  We’d love for you to join us as often as you can!  Come blow bubbles with Scuba World!

Scuba World Dives the Florida Keys — Spearfishing and Lobstering permited

How much does it cost? Diver – $1190 | Non-Diver – $595

What’s Included?

Eight days and seven nights at Ocean Pointe Resort in Tavernier, Florida. Surround yourself with sixty acres of tropical elegance in the fabulous Florida Keys. Four persons per condo based on quadurple occupancy. Accommodations include:

  • Two private bedrooms (king/2 twin)

  • 2 private baths

  • Heated pool

  • Central air conditioning

  • Balcony

  • Private beach

  • Full Kitchen

  • Washer & dryer

  • Tennis courts

  • Dining/living room

  • One maid service

  • Canoe/kayak rentals

Five boat trips (2 tanks per trip) Monday through Friday with Islamorada Dive Center (IDC).  While we know it’s all about the dive, Scuba World-IDC diving is a comprehensive experience. Your adventure begins the minute you walk through the doors. The friendly and experienced staff handles all the details of our trips, from making sure you have all the gear that’s right for you to setting it up on the boat to spraying it down for you at the end of the day. Everything will be taken care of when you’re on a Scuba World-IDC dive. Air fills, Captain’s and Mate’s tips and Florida State Tax are all included in the package price.  Certification dives for students can be arranged.

Are you and your buddy uncomfortable with navigating yourselves back to the boat?  When you dive with Scuba World, you can follow one of our instructors who will help you navigate!  Equipment malfunctions on the boat are no fun, but with Scuba World’s experienced staff and multitude of tools and parts aboard the ship, we can fix most problems and keep you diving.  We come extra prepared for all those common small problems.  You will learn a lot from our staff just from being around us and diving with us. Plus, it is always more fun to dive with the Scuba World gang!

  • Friday Night: Fresh Catch Dinner prepared by Scuba World Staff

This trip includes everything except:

  • Transportation to and from Florida

  • Scuba Gear (BC, Regulator, and 2 aluminum tanks) – can be rented at Scuba World for $120 for the week

  • Transportation for scuba gear to and from Florida

  • Meals – (approximately $150 – $200 per person)


  • Extra Dives: $95 for a two tank dive

  • Night Dive: $95 for a one tank dive

  • Bubble Watcher: $55 per boat trip

  • Snorkel: $55 per boat trip

  • Advanced Open Water Certification Course: $250

  • Specialty Certification Courses: $175

Scuba World Adventure to the Samambaia: Raja Ampat, Indonesia

February 15-26, 2021

2021 Rates

11-night trip $5,754 per person, based on double occupancy

Fees: $475 per person

Tip for crew not included.

Boarding is at Noon on February 15 in Sorong

Checkout and disembarking by Noon February 26 in Sorong

What is a small ship cruise like? Small ship cruising is an appealing alternative to conventional land tours and larger cruise ships. We offer a richer travel experience – one that goes beyond the typical tourist sites. Imagine sinking your toes into sugar sand, snorkeling/diving among the lemon sharks and sting rays, or hiking the trails of pirates and bootleggers of years gone by.  The ideal way to explore the world is on a small ship, enjoying access to places of natural beauty not possible any other way.  Small ship cruising appeals to travelers who prefer a relaxed, comfortable travel style with the emphasis on the destination. Cruising means celebrating freedom, wind blowing in the sails and in your hair, dolphins playing at the bow, sun setting on the horizon and reaching far away destinations that can only be reached by boat. Cruising is also the best way to dive on the best dive sites that Indonesia has to offer, in safe conditions, with the best comfort possible, and a lot of memories to be built up.

What is our itinerary? Far to the wild eastern edge of the Indonesian archipelago there is a region with thousands of islands offering as many sites for scuba diving right in the heart of the Coral Triangle. It’s no surprise that photographers and divers flock here from around the world to spend one or two weeks on a liveaboard diving trip, because is the only way to travel throughout this large geographic area with practically no development. You can be sure every effort will be rewarded: Raja Ampat homes more than 1400 species of fish and almost 600 different corals – 75 percent of all known coral species -, you’ll have the chance to see more marine life in Raja Ampat than anywhere else on the planet, whatever it is: fish, coral, mollusks or invertebrates; Raja Ampat is certainly one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Raja Ampat, literally “Four Kings”, is formed by four main islands Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool and more than thousand sand and rock small islands, with the most different underwater morphologies: slops, ridges, channels, caves, tunnels; and an astounding diversity of habitats, each one with a different kind of diving experience: sandy bottoms as life-size aquarium, blue-water mangroves systems hosting pigmy seahorses and saltwater crocodiles at once, ideal calm sand flats as cleaning station for oceanic mantas, perfect murky and silt-ridden conditions for the muck diving lovers, a river-like saltwater channel of strong currents and great walls plentiful of invertebrates, Raja Ampat has everything a diver can want. Divers generally enter this region via the airport at Sorong on the Indonesian province of West Papua. The first dive sites will often be around the island of Wai, only a two-hour boat run from Sorong, the quality of dives range from good to wonderful. Some dives are planned for slack tide, while occasionally the current can be challenging. Fortunately, the stronger currents also generally made for better visibility, blooming corals and greater fish activity. Best time to dive Raja Ampat is from October to April. Topside conditions at this time of year proved to be excellent. You could enjoy cruising in virtually flat calm seas, with only some rain showers punctuating warm, sunny days.

What are the meals like? Three meals per day, including water, tea, coffee, juices, snacks, soda, between meals and after dives. Local beer, wine, and alcohol are available for an additional cost.

What type of land adventures can I look forward to experiencing on my cruise? A remote perfect beach, visiting a traditional village or a pearl farm, trekking up a hill for a breathtaking view. There is plenty of possibilities for memorable encounters and moments beyond the daily in-water activities. Almost every day we enrich our program to offer the most. Remote beaches invite to relax and sunbathe in daytime or watching the sunset whilst the crew prepare a BBQ on the beach for dinner. Local villagers invite us openly and cute children love it to pose for your camera. There is a lot to discover and learn about traditional life, off the beaten path. Not seldom the whole village comes out to greet the guests and give them a tour through their homes.

Do I need any special gear for the land adventures?  For these occasions, we highly recommend proper footwear for these land adventures.  Flip flops are not suitable.  We suggest water shoes or TEVA type sandals.  Sneakers are fine but they might get wet!

How is the snorkeling? The beauty of the sea is also enjoyed by snorkelers and reachable in one fin kick. Shallow colorful coral reefs and curious fish are the highlights of this activity. A dedicated guide will help making these moments unforgettable and safe for everyone. The shallow waters are nice and warm. Sun protection however is highly advised. Face to face with a manta ray – encounters with large animals are common also for snorkelers. Take a little break from observing the underwater world and have a look at the stunning landscape surrounding you.

Can I scuba dive? What is the diving like?  Yes, if you are a certified diver.  Medical release required.  Indonesia is known as a top destination for divers. It is even said that after you have made your first dive in Indonesia, your diving life will never be the same again. Any expectations and wishes can be fulfilled: from very small critters to giant pelagics, Indonesian waters, situated all around the “Ring of Fire”, offer probably the richest marine biodiversity in the world. Critters come in many colors & shapes and can surprise the most experienced diver. Coral reefs – the rain forests of the oceans. Soft corals offer a shelter to many species of fish, crustaceans and nudibranchs. Underwater, things sometimes are not really what they look like at the first sight. Only an advised diver or a closer look can highlight them. Fortunately, our dive guides will be there for you to not miss anything. Nibbling on soft corals or sponges, turtles are very relaxed creatures and often allow divers to come very close. Just because it is invisible to the naked eye doesn’t mean it’s not existing. Look closer. Closer again… And you discover a whole infinitesimal world of amazing creatures. If you need a magnifying glass, just ask. If you already love diving with sunshine, wait to see what Indonesian waters have to offer after the sunset… Seems that hunting is better by night, so everyone is out for the occasion. So are you.

Is Nitrox available? Yes. We offer free EANx 32% on board. For not yet certified divers, Nitrox courses are available upon request.

Can I take advanced certification or specialty courses on board? Scuba World instructors are available for further training in SCUBA. Prior arrangements recommended.  Instructional materials not included. Medical release required.

What dive gear do I need to bring? Certified scuba divers need snorkel, fins, mask, wetsuit, and regulator with pressure gauge, buoyancy compensator, and computer. For night dives, a dive light and cylume stick (or substitute) is required.  In most regions we are diving and snorkeling in 28°C/82°F warm water. However, in the south of Komodo, Alor and the Banda Sea we sometimes find waters that are a few degrees colder than that. Hence we recommend for these cruises to bring a 5 mm thick wetsuit. We provide tanks, weights and weight belts.

Can I rent dive gear? We provide 80cft aluminum tanks and hard weights for all divers. There are 100cft aluminum tanks available for $60 per week additional.   All tanks come with DIN valves but can be converted with an adapter into a yoke valve. Yes, we do also offer complete sets of rental gear. Please contact us in advance to reserve any of it. We also are happy to send you a price list of rental gear on request.All rentals must be arranged prior to departure.

Personal Equipment (mask, fins, snorkel) (15 USD per day)

BCD (10 USD per day)

Regulator (10 USD per day)

Dive computer (10 USD per day)

Flashlight (torch) (10 USD per day)

What are the port and park fees? Mandatory surcharges – payable on the boat, Harbor fees (75 USD pp), Fuel surcharges (250 USD pp), National park fees (150 USD pp)

Good To Know  

  • Make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond the date on which you plan to leave the country
  • Please make sure you check the visa and/or immigration requirements for your nationality
  • Dive insurance is mandatory and must include medical evacuation
  • Travel insurance is recommended
  • Trip cancellation insurance recommended
  • All divers are required to use a dive computer
  • Itinerary and # of dives are only an example and subject to weather and conditions – safety always comes firsts, we have both VCR and DVD players with U.S. and European formats. We have a collection of movies on board. Feel free to bring your favorites.


The beginning of your trip

  • The trip begins in Sorong and ends in Sorong
  • The closest airport is Sorong/Dominique Edward Osok (SOQ)
  • Pickup time at the airport is according to your flights. Give yourself enough time to go through immigration and pickup your bags
  • You will be met by someone carrying a Samambaia sign who will take you directly to the boat
  • Hotel pickup time is in the morning
  • You can check in on the boat as of 12:00
  • The boat departs Sorong early in the afternoon on the same day

During your trip

  • The vessel is equipped with European (2 pin) power sockets, Power socket adapters
  • Accepted payment methods on board: Cash, VISA, Mastercard, EUR, USD
  • DIN/INT adaptors are available on board
  • Towels and soap are included

The end of your trip

  • Your last dives will be on the second to last day in the afternoon
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you respect the 24 hour no-fly time after your last dive!
  • The boat docks back in Sorong in the evening on the second to last day
  • Check out and disembarkation is between 06:00 and 14:00 on the last day.
  • Hotel drop-off time is in the morning

***Airfare and hotel accommodations are your responsibility to book and are not included in the price. If you so choose, you may book the same itinerary as Scuba World Inc.  You will be included in the group email to provide you with such information.***

Is electricity available? The vessel is equipped with European (2 pin) power sockets.

Do I need any vaccinations? There are no mandatory vaccinations for entering Indonesia. The general vaccinations for tropical regions however are recommended, such as Hepatitis A & B, Rabies, Cholera and Typhoid.

How do we get on and off the boat while diving?  Starting from the Samambaia, our crew will load all your equipment to one of our dinghy fiberglass boat. You will bring only your mask and dive computer with you when you go to the dinghy.  Once we have arrived at the dive site, all divers and guide prepare all the equipment and exit via a backward roll off the side of the boat.  When the dive is finished, the dive staff takes care of brining all of your dive gear in the boat and you go up into the speedboat using a stainless stair.

Is there any mobile phone reception and email access on board?Depending on the itinerary there is limited access to a mobile phone signal, from time to time a weak internet signal as well. When reception is available we offer a free Wifi for our guests. For emergency communication we carry a satellite phone.

Deposits/Payments A $1,000 per person deposit is due when the reservation is made with Scuba World. The second deposit of $1,000 is due to Scuba World no later than April 2019.  The final payment is due no later than June 2020.

*Cancellation Policy* If the trip departs full, we will refund payments. Refunds will not be made until after February 28, 2021.

Insurance TRAVEL INSURANCE: You must purchase travel & dive insurance (including evacuation) for your trip.  In order to maintain our reasonable cost & high level of service, we do not automatically insure your trip against the adverse effects of weather or other factors beyond our control.  Your holiday represents a very large investment, and unforeseen circumstances such as injury or sickness, airline issues, and family emergencies can easily affect your ability to travel.

Method of Payment MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, cash, personal check, money order and wire transfers are all accepted at Scuba World. Cash, VISA, MasterCard, EUR, and USD are accepted on the Samambaia. The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). We recommend to change a small amount upon arrival in the country for payments like excess baggage. Our on-board currency (e.g. for rental gear or dive courses) is USD. But we also accept EUR, IDR and common credit cards (MasterCard and VISA) with a 3% surcharge.

What travel documents are needed? Make sure your passport is valid at least 6 months beyond the date on which you plan to leave the country. Please make sure you check the visa and/or immigration requirements for your nationality. What time can we board?  For flight planning, boarding is as early as noon on February 15. The boat departs that afternoon.

What is the recommended gratuity? The live-aboard business is a service industry, and although the general public is seldom aware of it, gratuities are a major part of a crewmember’s salary.   Few other recreational activities rely so heavily upon the professionals in charge for your enjoyment and safety.  A gratuity of 10-15% is customary, but many leave more when they feel the service was outstanding.  If you are disappointed with the service, you should inform the Captain of your feelings right away so he may rectify the situation.

The Samambia offers luxury accommodations. This brand new Liveboard is fitted with all the features of a modern diving boat, as its powerful marine engine that can reach 10 knot cruise speed, making sure a swift travel. During the design process the focus was put on details. Functionality was paired with aesthetics and quality materials. The layout of the ship was built around the needs of our guests. Comfort and service are of highest priority on board. The atmosphere is relaxed and cozy. Social and yet private. MV Samambaia welcomes 14 guests on board, in 7 cabins. Our friendly local crew of 16 and a team of experienced European Cruise Managers ensure smooth planning and cruising. The ship is built to highest standards focussed on safety and comfort of our guests.

Explore the Philippine Islands: Atlantis Dumaguete and Azores Liveaboard

July 11-23, 2022

Atlantis Dumaguete Dive Resort

Inclusions:  3 nights deluxe room double occupancy – Free Room Upgrade to Garden Suite

  • All meals at Toko’s Restaurant, coffee, hot tea, iced tea and filtered water are complimentary throughout the day. Italian, other specialty coffees and fresh juice are complimentary until 10am and available for a fee thereafter.
  • Unlimited scheduled boat diving (up to 5 dives a day including night diving; excludes equipment rental, dawn dives, additional day trips)
  • Free Unlimited Nitrox
  • Unlimited internet access


  • Atlantis provides round trip transfers between Manila and Dumaguete at a cost of $200.00 per person (may change due to airfare increases).  Rate includes roundtrip domestic economy airfare between Manila and Dumaguete with 70 lbs. of checked luggage per person,  domestic terminal fees, private air conditioned van between international terminal and domestic terminal in Manila, round trip private air conditioned transfers  between Dumaguete Airport and resort, personal airport ‘Meet & Greet’, and luggage assistance.  This rate applies when at least 16 or more are traveling together on the same transfer otherwise a different transfer rate may apply.
  • The marine park fee for is approximately $4.25 US per day dive and $6.30 US for a night dive per person.  Estimated marine park fee is $46.00. Guests pay these fees at the resort on their personal bill at check-out.
  • Guests are responsible for paying for land excursions and additional day trips to Apo or Siquijor for $98.00 and the whale sharks at Oslob is $113.00. Rates are subject to change. Rental equipment not included.


Upgrade Pricing:

  • Ocean Front – Double Occupancy, $75.00 per person
  • Ocean Front – Single Occupancy, $250.00 per person
  • Suite – Double Occupancy, $100.00 per person FREE UPGRADE
  • Suite – Single Occupancy, $400.00 per person
  • Two Bedroom Suite – Double Occupancy, $150.00 per person
  • Two Bedroom Suite – Single Occupancy, $400.00 per person



Azores Malapascua-Cebu


  • 9 nights twin share accommodations, all meals & snacks, local soft drinks, diving (up to 5 dives per day including night diving), tanks & weights, air fills, social servings of local beer & rum and social servings of wine with dinner.
  • Free Unlimited Nitrox



  • Marine Park Fee $200.00 (Invoiced to guests upon check out aboard the Azores.)
  • Guests are responsible for paying for land excursions and day trips at the resort or Azores as appropriate. Rental equipment not included.  Rates are subject to change.


Upgrade Pricing: Twin size top bunk $0, Full size bottom bunk $150


Malapascua-Cebu Itinerary:

Day 1: Oslob & Sumilon     Snorkeling at Oslob with Whale Sharks. Diving around Sumilon Island in crystal clear waters and pristine white sandy beaches. Exquisite coral gardens and drop-offs. Perhaps manta rays and sting rays, sea turtles and sometimes whale sharks and hammerheads.

Day 2: Moalboal     Impressive drop-offs and bottomless walls, beautiful hard and soft corals. Tropical reef fish, nudibranchs, turtles, and barracudas.

Day 3: Pescador Island     One of the Philippines top dive sites west of Moalboal. Vertical Drop Off into the abyss literally teeming with life; frog fish, stone fish, barracuda and turtles. The real draw is the sardine run and a chance of a thresher!

Day 4 & 5: Gato Island, Monad Shoal & Malapascua     A breeding location for the beautiful sea krait (sea snake) with whitetip sharks at Gato, nudibranchs, harlequin ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorses at Malapascua – one of the Philippine’s most talked about dive locations. Highlight: thresher sharks & manta rays at Monad Shoal where Azores will be parked right on top as you enjoy a morning coffee.

Day 6: Monad Shoal & Calangaman Island     White beaches blue waters, beautiful wall diving and occasional rays and sharks + a beach BBQ lunch.

Day 7: Balicasag or Panglao/Visit Bohol Chocolate Hills     At a sandy coralline beach look out for jacks, mackerel and barracudas, large groupers, napoleon wrasses and snappers hiding in the over hangs of the dramatic multi-hundred foot vertical walls. And also turtles, whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, eagle & manta rays, schooling barracuda and trevally, frog fish, ghost pipe fish, pygmy and thorny seahorses, plus many different species of nudibranchs, among dramatic walls and reefs. Alternatively 2 morning dives at Panglao plus an optional land excursion to Bohol’s renowned Chocolate Hills. We also visit the Tarsiers, the world’s smallest primate and a butterfly farm.

Day 8: Half a day diving in either Apo Island/Siquijor     We dive either Apo Island or Siquijor based on conditions. Apo Island is one of the world’s best known community-organized marine sanctuaries. The island is home to over 650 documented species of fish and estimated to have over 400 species of corals. Siquijor is called Isla del Fuego or the “Island of Fire” and look out for… superb hard and soft corals, fusiliers, many nudibranchs, clown fish, parrot fish, schools of juvenile barracuda and razor fish. Super pristine walls abound!

Day 9: Disembarkation 8am

Retail price for trip: $6,369.78

Scuba World price: $5,500

Repeat Customer: $4,500

DOES NOT INCLUDE TRAVEL — $500 deposit due upon booking

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