What are the Open Water Training Activities?

Upon completion of your academic skills training, you are now ready for practical application of the skills and procedures presented. First we will review self-rescue techniques. Then you will practice 12 realistic rescue scenarios. You will have the opportunity to experiment with the different techniques. You will be learning rescue techniques in an enjoyable setting. Rescue Diver training activities are always a favorite!


Quarry Checkout

Costs are:

  • Quarry entrance fee: $30-40 per person / day
  • 3 tank fills: $8 / fill
  • Accommodations to stay overnight. Either motels are $100-150 per night or camping at the quarry is $10 per night.


Warm water checkout

We can also do Open Water Rescue Diver checkouts on any of our Florida Keys trips (March, August, November). Rescue scenarios are done off of the dive boat.

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