Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Continue the adventure with Scuba World! The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the next level in scuba training. The Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about advancing your skills. You’ll practice navigation and buoyancy, try deep diving and make three specialty dives of your choosing (it’s like a specialty sampler platter). For every specialty dive you complete, you can earn credit toward PADI specialty certifications. Here are a few of the many options: Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Dive Against Debris, Dry Suit, Enriched Air Nitrox, Fish Identification, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Navigation, and Wreck.

How long does it take?

The entire course consists of five dives which are conducted over a minimum of two days.  The Advanced Open Water Class does not involve any classroom or pool work. Students must complete 5 sets of knowledge review questions that correspond with 5 open water dives. 

The required five dives consist of the following two Core Dives:

Navigation Dive

Deep Dive

The remaining three dives can be chosen from any of our specialty dives offered (dives are usually determined by the dive site).

When can I begin?

Start today!

Once you receive your training materials, read the text and complete the knowledge review questions at home, at your leisure, then schedule your dives. Prior to each dive, there will be a briefing specific to the dive. We will also go over the knowledge review and hand them in.

How much does it cost?

Course: $300

This fee covers academic material and instruction.

Required Equipment: 

  • You must own your own personal mask/fin equipment, which includes: mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and gloves.
  • You must provide a regulator set up, dive computer, BCD, tank, weights, and wet suit if needed (arrangements can be made at Scuba World).

  • You may also need a dive light, cylume stick, knife, and underwater slate.

  • If you choose a dive that requires specialty equipment such as drysuit or full face mask, you must make arrangements to purchase or rent.

Upon certification, you will receive a PADI e-Card. Advanced Open Water certification has a maximum depth limit of 100ft/30m.


What are the skills evaluation training dives?

Upon completion of your independent study, you are now ready to take the information and apply it in the open water environment. Each dive from the PADI Advanced Open Water Course may be counted as the first dive of the related specialty. We have three options for completion of these dives. Included are:


Local Checkout Dives

The cost is $200 per day (2-3 dives per day and 2 days are required to complete the certification). The quarry entrance fee is $65-75 per day per diver in addition. The student is required to transport all their own equipment to and from the quarry.

    OPTION 2

    Referral Checkout Dives

    If you are going on vacation, complete your remaining training evaluation dives at a facility when you reach your vacation destination. (Fees vary based on location.)

      OPTION 3

      Scuba World Dive Trip *Best Value*

      Evaluation dives may be completed on any of Scuba World’s dive trips. Fees for rental, but no fees for instruction.

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