Rescue Course

The next step in your diver education is a course designed to take a serious subject and turn it into an enjoyable and rewarding training experience. The focus of this course is awareness and prevention of potential problems for you and your dive buddy. You will receive training in proper rescue techniques and emergency management, with emphasis on flexibility. After the academic sessions, you will participate in practical application using realistic scenarios.

Prerequisites: Navigation Adventure Dive from Advanced Open Water and CPR/First Aid Certification within the last 2 years

How long does it take?

The entire course is about 15 hours to complete:

  • At home, self-study at your own pace
  • 5 hours of academic instruction
  • 6 hours of in water demonstrations and practical application (over 2 days)

What's in my Resuce Diver Crew Pack?

Your rescue diver crew pack includes a pocket mask that you will use during your course.  Be sure to bring it to the pool and open water!

    When can I begin?

    Sign up with Scuba World today! You will receive your training materials (book/DVD or e-learning) at home at your leisure and then schedule your academic sessions with a knowledgeable and friendly Scuba World instructor. We offer weekday, weeknight, and weekend sessions around your schedule. The academic portion is taught at Scuba World. Pool times and locations vary and then schedule your open water dives.

    How much does it cost?

    The course price of $450 includes materials (book or e-learning and a pocket mask), academic instruction, pool fees, and pool instruction.

    You must own your own personal mask/fin equipment, which includes: mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and gloves. You must provide a regulator set up, dive computer, BCD, tank, weights, SMB, whistle, and wet suit if needed (arrangements can be made at Scuba World).

    Upon course completion, you will receive a PADI certification e-Card.

      What are the Open Water Training Activities?

      Upon completion of your academic training, you are now ready for practical application of the skills and procedures presented. First, we will review self-rescue techniques. Then you will practice 10 realistic rescue exercises and 2 scenarios. You will have the opportunity to experiment with different techniques in an enjoyable setting. Rescue Diver training activities are always a favorite!

      OPTION 1

      Local Checkout Dives

      The cost is $200 per day (1 or 2 days are required to complete the certification). The quarry entrance fee is $65-75 per day per diver in addition. The student is required to transport all their own equipment to and from the quarry.

      OPTION 2

      Referral Checkout Dives

      If you are going on vacation, complete your remaining training evaluation dives at a facility when you reach your vacation destination. (Fees vary based on location.)

        OPTION 3

        Scuba World Dive Trip   *Best Value*

        Evaluation dives may be completed on any of Scuba World’s dive trips. Fees for rental, but no fees for instruction.


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